Tuesday September 21, 2021

Information commission

August 04, 2021

The Sindh Right to Information Act, 2016 mandates the Sindh government to appoint information commissioners in accordance with the eligibility criteria mentioned in the act. It is unfortunate that the provincial government violated this law by delaying the appointment of information commissioners in 2017 as well as in 2021. The tenure of the outgoing information commissioners ended on May 30, 2021, and the Sindh government hasn’t appointed anyone to date.

The right to information is a constitutional guarantee provided by Article 19A of the constitution, but the right is being denied to citizens of Sindh. The Sindh government is requested to immediately establish a fully functional Sindh Information Commission and appoint competent information commissioners. While all other provinces efficiently run Right to Information (RTI) Commissions, Sindh hasn’t done much in this regard.

Naeem Sadiq