Tuesday September 21, 2021

Prices of essentials revised

August 03, 2021

LAHORE:The deputy commissioner revised prices of several essential edibles and issued a new price notification here on Monday.

The notification shall be applicable with immediate effect. As per the new price notification, the price of wheat (atta) will remain as notified by the government. The price of rice Basmati Super will be Rs115 up to Rs120 per kg, Gram Daal (Bareek) Rs 120 to Rs124 per kg, Gram Daal (special) Rs125 to Rs130 per kg, Masoor Daal (Bareek) Rs165 toRs170 per kg, Masoor Daal (Moti) Imported Rs135 to Rs138 per kg, Mash Daal (Washed Imported) Rs230 to Rs235 per kg, Mash Daal (Un-washed Imported) Rs195 to Rs200 per kg, Moong Daal (Un-Washed) Rs120 to Rs125 per kg, Black Chana (Mota) Local Rs120 to Rs124 per kg, Black Chana (Bareek) Local Rs115 to Rs120 per kg, White Chana (Mota) Imported Rs130 to Rs135 per kg, Basin Rs130 to Rs135 per kg, Sugar Rs 89.5 per kg, Milk Rs100 per Liter, Yogurt Rs120 per kg, Mutton Rs 950 per kg and Beef Rs 500 per kg.

The notification added that maximum retail price of aerated water/cold drinks, fruit juices, Nimko and squashes will be considered as Printed Consumer Price by Manufacturing Company. If no such price was printed then Maximum Retail Price will be calculated on basis of Invoice Price plus 5pc profit margin. Shops at service area of motorway will also observe this notification in letter and spirit.