Wednesday September 22, 2021

Same old, same old

July 29, 2021

Following the AJK elections, the country witnessed the same episode of blame game and accusations. The parties that lost the polls called the elections ‘rigged’. For fair and free elections, it is important that all parties accept the results. The Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) gives ample time to all parties to run their campaigns so that they can convey their message to their voters. During these rallies, however, our leaders run campaigns of slurs against each other. Also, I am afraid that the winning party will soon forget the promises it made during its election campaigns. In Pakistan, almost every political party promises to take steps for the welfare of people. But these promises are made to get people to vote for them.

The party quickly forgets about its promises and commitments as soon as it comes to power. What have the country’s political parties done to make our economy stronger? However, they are quick to accuse others of creating the mess we are in. Also, no party accepts its defeat in a graceful manner. Why do we spend billions of rupees on this activity when the parties have no faith in the electoral process? If people or the opposition are not going to hold the ruling party accountable for its promises, why do we even have these campaigns where leaders are allowed to make false promises?

Raja Shafaatullah