Tuesday November 30, 2021

Aero-modelling event held in Malam Jabba

July 18, 2021

MINGORA: Malam Jabba mountains were abuzz with aero-modelling activities as aero-modellers from across the country on Saturday took a new and unique experience of flying their remote-controlled aircrafts at a height of 9,000 feet above the sea level.

The day-long recreational-cum-learning event involving multiple aero-modelling activities was organised by Samson Group of Companies to raise awareness about the hobby, as well as to promote Malam Jabba as one of the best adventurous and sports tourism destinations.

“Aeromodelling is one of the finest hobbies and its experience within mountains is really fantastic,” Usman Ahmed, an aero-modeller from Islamabad, told this scribe while describing the initiative as a remarkable step of the organisation.

He said the hobby was a mixture of technology and sports and provided two sorts of leisure in ‘one ticket’, adding there was a need to set up aero-modelling clubs in every major city, especially at every tourist destination to promote the sports.

Usman noted that Pakistan had only three aero-modelling clubs, whereas the United Kingdom had as many as 800 such facilities.

He said that he was grateful to the company’s management for providing aero-modellers an opportunity to inculcate knowledge of the aviation industry in youngsters.

“Four types of activities were arranged at Malam Jabba ski resort to attract the youth towards such a healthy activity. Static display of model aircrafts was arranged, in addition to remote-controlled flying activity, kit assembling and others,” said Samar Sabeen, the organiser of the event, adding that such an event was organised at Malam Jabba for the very first time and multiple aero-modelling groups had been invited from across the country.

She said that experts were also invited to give first-hand training to budding aero-modellers on landing and take-off techniques of model aircrafts.

“The hobby is gaining popularity across the country. Such activities here are meant to attract the locals towards the sport by imbibing its skills,” said Pir Waris Shah, the general manager of Malam Jabba resort.

He added that such activities would not only help boost tourism in the area but would also provide recreational facilities to the locals and tourists.