Monday December 06, 2021

Govt asked to reward youth for rescuing child

July 07, 2021

LANDIKOTAL: The residents of Zargaran village have asked the local authorities to award a commendation certificate to one Faisal Khan, who recently rescued a five-year-old child from drowning.

They urged the officials concerned to take steps to cover the water ponds and open manholes in the area to avoid accidents. Last Sunday, a few

children were playing outside their homes when five-year old Irfan suddenly fell into a 10-feet deep water pond.

Fortunately, Faisal Khan noticed the boy falling and dived into the water to rescue him.

“Faisal Khan, who also runs his own dispensary in Landikotal bazaar, risked his own life and also lost a mobile set worth Rs25,000 and Rs3,000 in cash during the rescue attempt to save the boy from drowning,” a resident said, asking the authorities to compensate and reward him for his bravery. An elder Rahim Jan asked the government to take steps to build a protection wall around the water ponds and cover the manholes to avoid accidents.