Saturday October 16, 2021

KMC’s master plan to restore Sharea Faisal in final stages

The KMC administrator says that a master plan for the city’s beautification has also been prepared keeping in view the needs of different areas

 Sharea Faisal. File photo 

The Karachi Metropolitan Corporation (KMC) has announced that the master plan for the restoration of Sharea Faisal to make it a “beautiful identity of the city” is in its final stages.

“Tourists and guests coming to Karachi from abroad pass through Sharea Faisal, so the decoration of this artery should be of world-class so that a good and pleasant impression of the citizens of Karachi is established,” Karachi Administrator Laeeq Ahmed said on Thursday.

Addressing a meeting on the beautification of Sharea Faisal, he said that after the construction of cities around the world, the process of decorating them is under way, and the concept of smart cities is now gaining popularity in the developed world.

He also said that many cities of the world are already equipped with highly developed and modern facilities, in imitation of which the managements of other metropolitan cities have also made full use of modern methods and technology.

Ahmed said that traditional signboards on roads, footpaths and green belts have been beautified, while new styles are being adopted across the world through modern electronic and digital technology.

He said that the creative element should be kept in view in the beautification of Karachi, and cooperation should be sought from various institutions in this regard.

He also said roads and other arteries in major and commercial cities of the world are also being used to generate revenue, but we have to highlight the commercial aspect as well as the importance of Karachi in its cultural background. “Institutions working in Karachi and citizens must also play their part in this regard.”

The administrator said that a master plan for the city’s beautification has also been prepared keeping in view the needs of different areas. “The objectives of beautification will be achieved only if the available infrastructure is kept in working condition, for which the field teams of the works department are working.”

He said Sharea Faisal should be renovated in such a way that these important and busy arteries emerge in a new form. “Pavements should be open for pedestrians, and if there are any obstructions or encroachments anywhere, they must be removed immediately.”

He also said that the results of the tree planting drive launched to make Karachi beautiful and green would soon come to light, which would help improve and modernise the major and other important roads of the city.

“Karachi has a proud past in terms of culture and civilisation. Being one of the few big cities in the world, and with a port, this city is very important.”

During the meeting, the work of improving other basic infrastructure, including roads, bridges and underpasses in different areas, was also reviewed, and it was decided that along with beautification, infrastructure development should also be continued on a priority basis.

The meeting was attended by Coordination Senior Director Khalid Khan, Works Director General Shabiha Al Hasnain Zaidi, Parks & Horticulture DG Taha Saleem, Media Management SD Ali Hassan Sajid, State SD Imtiaz Abro, Faiz Qadwai and other officers.