Wednesday December 08, 2021

Pakistan objects to power projects on Chenab

March 26, 2021

LAHORE: An eight-member delegation of Indus Waters Commission of Pakistan got back home through the Wagah Border on Thursday after attending a two-day dialogue with the Indian Indus Waters Commission in Delhi.

The Pakistani delegation was headed by Commissioner Mehr Ali Shah, while Pardeep Kumar Saksena led the Indian delegation. Pakal Dul and Lower Kalnai hydro power projects established at Chenab River came under discussion.

India would generate 1,000 MW electricity from Pakal Dul and 48MWs from Lower Kalnai projects. Pakistan objected to water storage by these hydro power projects and was of view that India could only establish run of river projects on the Chenab River. As per Indus Waters Treaty signed by India and Pakistan, India is bound not to store the waters of Pakistani rivers, the Pakistani delegation maintained.