Monday January 17, 2022

Gas crisis intensifies, citizens, industrialists' hardships aggravate

January 03, 2021

ISLAMABAD: The persisting gas crisis, due to the ongoing winter season, has intensified and added hardships to the people's lives. The gas shortage in Karachi has domestic and industrial consumers, as well as tandoors, teahouses, and hotels worried. The severe cold weather has further aggravated the citizens' plight as it has led to a reduction in pressure and the suspension of gas supply in residential areas. In Gujranwala, residents cannot light their stoves due to gas shortage and are forced to buy expensive cylinders. CNG stations in Multan have been shut down due to gas shortage, which has further added to the citizens' woes.

Low gas pressure persists in different areas of Quetta — in Nawan Kali, Sariab Road, Brewery, Bypass, and other areas — due to which domestic and business consumers are facing difficulties.

Apart from this, a reduction in gas pressure in Ziarat and Kalat has also increased the hardships of the citizens who are forced to burn expensive wood.