Thursday January 27, 2022

56pc Pakistanis want opposition to postpone rallies: survey

December 17, 2020

ISLAMABAD: According to a fresh survey conducted by the Institute for Public Opinion Research (IPOR), 56 percent respondents have advised the opposition to postpone their public rallies keeping in view the threat of coronavirus. Twenty-three percent respondents said the opposition must go ahead with its rallies. The performance of Prime Minister Imran Khan was also appreciated in the survey, while 5 in 10 Pakistanis showed willingness to administer corona vaccine.

The survey participated by over 1,500 respondents and carried out between December 02-14, revealed that 56 percent respondents appreciated Prime Minister Imran Khan for handling the corona crisis well, while 31 percent respondents said his performance on the issue was non-satisfactory. During the previous survey, 52 percent respondents were satisfied on performance of the PM on this particular question.

Five in 10 (56 percent) respondents said they are willing to administer corona vaccine, while 34 percent said they don’t need vaccine. Most of the respondents cited various conspiracy theories about the corona vaccine behind the reason for not going for the vaccine. In the previous survey, 67 percent respondents were willing to administer the vaccine.

Those respondents who were willing for the vaccine included 35 percent who preferred Chinese vaccine, 14 percent wanted local vaccine, 9 percent wanted US vaccine, 5 percent wanted UK vaccine, 3 percent wanted Russian vaccine, 2 percent wanted vaccine from any Islamic country, and 1 percent each respondents preferred German and Japanese vaccines. 15 percent respondents said they will administer any vaccine approved by the government, while 16 percent did not respond to this question.

Majority (60) respondents in the survey believe coronavirus to be a reality, while 25 percent said it doesn’t exist and termed it a global conspiracy.