Tuesday September 21, 2021

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November 22, 2020

—- the good news that the financial restructuring of the national carrier would be finalised soon and the statement by the management that unlike the past, all business decisions were now made collectively and there was no political intervention. People say if this policy had been followed by previous leaders, who used jobs in the airline as a reward for political expediency, the national carrier would not have lost its reputation of being one of the best airlines and ‘great people to fly with.’

—- the manner in which many political bigwigs keep predicting the events that will take place in the coming days as if they were clairvoyants, as no one knows what the future holds otherwise we would all be prepared for what is to come. People say ‘think before you speak’ is a good motto to follow and those who utter statements about the future would be wise to follow this advice as they appear rather foolish when their predictions are not realized.

—- the report that in order to promote the Distance Education System in the country Radio Pakistan and the relevant ministries have established ‘Radio Schools,’ a major step towards ensuring children’s access to education at their doorstep to cater to their educational needs during the virus crisis. People the radio is still a means of communication in remote areas and girls who do not have access to schools due to any reason would be major beneficiaries of this initiative.

—- the ‘cry baby’ reaction of all political big wigs if they lose an election and how it has become the accepted norm by the public. People say while this trend is nearly a worldwide phenomenon, it is still very upsetting that the opposition political parties are calling on their supporters to come out these days when the second wave of the COVID-19 virus is on the rise, because while they keep themselves protected, they do not ensure/encourage the large crowds to do the same.

—- the sad fact that many victims of various crimes have to record their ordeal and then have it go viral for authorities to take action because either they are not believed or they are not influential enough. People say while some persons do not want themselves to be exposed in this manner, or are afraid of the negative reaction of their family, the brave ones, especially females who are harassed, resort to social media in order to get justice.

—- Pakistan’s first bloodless risk-free dialysis machine has been developed in collaboration with the Ministry of Information, Technology and Telecommunication, the fifth country in the world to have its indigenously produced Bloodless Dialysis Technology. People say it is very heartening to know that patients can perform bloodless dialysis at home with this ‘first of its kind’ electro-medical equipment without any supervision, along with protection from life threatening infections and provides affordable healthcare technologies using state-of-the-art medical engineering. — I.H.