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Justice Faez Isa irked over no LG polls in KP

November 19, 2020

ISLAMABAD: The Supreme Court of Pakistan Judge Justice Qazi Faeiz Isa Wednesday warned the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa government of initiating contempt of court proceedings against it for failing to hold local government elections in the province. A two-member bench of the apex court presided over by Justice Qazi Faez Isa and comprising Justice Aminuddin Khan heard a case pertaining to the implementation of Sections 39 and 41 of the KP Local Government Act 2013 which refers to the delay in local bodies elections in KP. The court issued notices to the Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP), Attorney General for Pakistan and KP Advocate General. “Why local bodies elections have not been held even after 14 months,” Justice Faez Isa asked. “Will not allow violation of the rights of KP people,” the judge observed.

Justice Faez Isa asked the provincial government’s counsels to explain why they were afraid and why were they trying to save the government.

“Your government s expenses are paid for by the public money. There is no need for you to be afraid of anyone. Allah is your protector,” he said.

Further reprimanding the counsels, Justice Faez Isa said there were special routes marked for VIPs in all parts of the country. “Is this how the State of Madina is supposed to be,” he asked. “You see machine guns mounted everywhere. If something were to happen are these guns going to be used on the people,” the judged asked.

He said the government speaks of holding elections in Azad Jammu and Kashmir while it hasn’t held local government elections in KP.

Further irked by the absence of KP advocate general, the court asked if the AG was a busy person. “He is paid for by people’s money. It is his responsibility to appear before the court,” the judge remarked.

The KP government submitted a report on sections 39 and 41 on which the SC expressed dissatisfaction and ordered for the details of local governments movable and immovable properties to be uploaded. The hearing was adjourned till December 15. The court also directed the government of KP to upload on its website details of its movable and immovable assets. The court issued notices to Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP), Attorney General (AG) as well as KP Advocate General.

In pursuance of the court’s direction, KP’s Additional Advocate General Atif Ali Khan appeared before the court and submitted a report pertaining to movable assets/properties of the province as well as relating to sections 39 and 41 of the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Local Government Act 2013.

Earlier, the KP government had filed a report before the court regarding its immovable properties and assets. The court, however, expressed dissatisfaction over the report and directed the law officer to ensure uploading of the details, pertaining to its assets regarding moveable and immovable properties on its website.