Sunday January 16, 2022

Cold weather can be harmful to mango plants

November 10, 2020

FAISALABAD: A spokesman for Agriculture (Extension) Department Monday said cold weather can be harmful to mango plants.Talking to reporters, the spokesman said the cold weather, especially frost, can affect mango plants during winter, therefore, gardeners and fruit farmers should take immediate steps in this regard.

He advised the farmers to be alert and water the mango orchards repeatedly during winter as drought can aggravated the situation for mango plants.

To a question, he said drought is dangerous for mango plants and can badly affect them if the temperature touches 4 degrees centigrade. The cold can destroy the mango nurseries if it is less than 4 degrees centigrade.

However, the large plants are less affected due to their high immunity, so it is important to adopt appropriate measures to deal with this situation to reduce the risk of damage. After planting orchards, the farmers should take care for their protection from the effects of severe weather by adopting guidelines. He said the first priority of the farmers and gardeners should be to save mango plants from cold weather as its export is also help in fetching precious foreign exchange for the country.