Saturday December 04, 2021

Careem shifts to ‘Remote-First’

September 26, 2020

KARACHI: Careem, the country’s leading ride hailing app, is now a Remote-First company, a statement said on Friday.

“Careem staffers in 36 offices can now work from a remote location, while the physical offices, which will remain open, are being re-designed to facilitate collaboration and teambuilding and providing flexible workspaces for workers,” the statement said.

The company said permanent remote working would increase productivity, reduce costs, and lead to an even stronger value proposition for talent.

It said in the recent work-from-home arrangements, colleagues reported higher productivity and stronger relationships with peers in other countries -leading to strong business recovery in the last two quarters.

“The shift will also save real-estate costs as offices get reimagined and optimised for collaboration and flexible working rather than day-to-day.” And most importantly for a business that was still growing rapidly, the Remote-First approach would allow Careem to attract and retain top talent globally with a strengthened colleague value proposition, it added.