Saturday September 25, 2021

Beat the heat

August 01, 2020

Summer temperatures in Pakistan are very high and in some areas it surpasses the 50 degree Centigrade mark. Internal temperature affects the heart and organs and if the temperature increases or decreases too much it can cause organ failures. Research has also shown that our palms act as radiators of the human body. Just like in winter when we feel cold we hold our palms towards the heaters to heat our bodies, we can use the same mechanism to cool our bodies quickly. Therefore to cool our internal temperature, reduce the effect of heat and increase productivity, a person needs to only hold a cold water bottle or ice in a bottle for ten minutes in their hands.

If the government of Pakistan were to advocate this method of beating the heat, then they would not only be able to reduce heat stroke cases, improve quality of ordinary Pakistani lives and increase productivity.

Shahryar Khan Baseer