Thursday September 23, 2021


August 01, 2020

On Wednesday July 29, two SAPMs resigned. Both gave their own reasons, dual nationality and criticism. However these reasons are hard to digest. What if these were forced resignations? The PM no doubt is unhappy with his team and even changes in the cabinet were speculated. Ms Tania had conflict of interest issues. The Supreme Court’s observations on Dr Zafar’s competence can be among the reasons behind his resignation. Perhaps another reason could be that Ms Tania was brought by Jahangir Tareen. Now that Tareen is no longer in good books of the PM maybe this could be the reason for her forced resignation.

This raises another important question: who's next? Maybe Ghulam Sarwar due to his LicenceGate blunder or maybe someone else close to Mr Tareen.

Abdullah Zahid