Saturday December 04, 2021

Punjab’s D&SJs having seven-year service promoted to Grade 22

July 31, 2020

ISLAMABAD: The Punjab government on Thursday approved moving of District and Sessions Judges (D&SJs) of Punjab to Grade 22, who have completed seven years of satisfactory service in this position in Grade 21.

Also, the provincial administration doubled or tripled or increased even more in some cases the ‘utility allowance’ for all grades of the district judiciary. Copies of the both circulars issued by the Punjab Finance Division are available with The News.

One notification, havingthe subject “Time scale promotion to officials in Grade 16 and above having stagnant posts” said referring to the finance department’s earlier letter dated April 19, 2019 that the Punjab governor has allowed time scale up-gradation in grade 22 to the D&SJs, who are in grade 21, on completion of seven years’ satisfactory service instead of ten years with immediate effect. The condition of 10 years’ service will remain applicable in all other cases, it said.

The letter was addressed to all administrative secretaries of Punjab, secretaries to governor and chief minister, military secretary to governor, Punjab Assembly secretary, secretary, Punjab Public Service Commission, all heads of attached departments, all commissioners, all deputy commissioner, D&SJs, chief pilot, VIP flight, Lahore High Court (LHC) registrar, Director, Local Fund Audit and chief inspector of treasuries and accounts.

The second notification regarding revision of utility allowance in favour of officers/officials of the district judiciary in Punjab was addressed to the LHC registrar and all D&SJs.

It said that in continuation of the finance department’s letters dated Aug 13, 2008, Sep 1, 2009 and Oct 3, 2009, the competent authority i.e. the chief minister, under Article 240(b) of the Constitution, has revised the rates of utility allowance for officers/officials of the district judiciary with effect from July 1, 2020.

The allowance for grade 1 to 6 was enhanced to Rs6,000 from Rs3,000; for grade 7 and 8 to Rs6,000 from Rs4,000; for grade 9 to Rs8,000 from Rs4,000; for grade 15 to Rs10,000 from Rs4,000; for grade 16 to Rs14,000 from Rs4,000; for grade 17 to Rs15,000 from Rs5,000; for grade 18 to Rs20,000 from Rs5,000; for grade 19 to Rs25,000 from Rs8,000; for grade 20 and above to Rs30,000 from Rs8,000.

Informed quarters say that nearly 50 D&SJs of Punjab, who are currently in grade 21, are expected to be moved to grade 22 on the force of the instant decision. The remaining D&SJs are yet to complete the minimum period of seven years’ service in this position.

A majority of the D&SJs, almost over eighty, has been directly recruited as additional D&SJs while the others were hired as civil judges, who have reached the category of D&SJs through promotions after several years’ service. Most of the civil judges retire even before becoming the D&SJs. Even if they reach this level, they are unable to serve in this post for seven years of the age.