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Eidul Fitr celebrated in KP with religious fervour, enthusiasm

May 27, 2020

PESHAWAR: Eidul Fitr was celebrated in the provincial metropolis and other parts of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa on Sunday like elsewhere in the country with religious fervour and enthusiasm.

The festival was celebrated on the same day this time after a long time as the official and unofficial Ruet-e-Hilal committees had announced to mark the occasion on Sunday much to the relief of the people. The day began with special prayers in mosques for the well-being of Muslim Ummah and progress, prosperity and security of the country. Eid congregations were arranged in all major cities and towns by observing social distancing and following other precautionary measures to contain the spread of the fast-travelling coronavirus which has hit the country and a vast region of the world.

The main Eid congregation was arranged at the Eidgah on the Charsadda Road. Maulana Muhammad Ismail led the prayers. Eid congregations were also held at other major mosques such as Mahabat Khan, Qasim Ali Khan, Gunj Ali Khan, Delawer Khan and Sunehri Masjid, etc. The people were at proper distances from one and other. They were seen donning facemasks as precautionary measures to be safe from Covid-19 which has claimed over 1000 lives and infected over 50,000 people in the country. The Ulema in their sermons highlighted the significance and philosophy of Eidul Fitr. They sought Allah mercy against coronavirus and offered special dua for the eternal peace of the 97 people who had died in the PIA plane crash recently in Karachi.

The KP government had already announced to mark the festival with simplicity keeping in view the coronavirus pandemic and the deadly plane crash in the port city which claimed several precious lives. Chief Minister Mahmood Khan did not visit his hometown in Swat and instead celebrated Eidul Fitr in Peshawar. He did not exchange Eid greetings with officials and general public to spotlight the severity of the Covid-19 situation.

In separate messages, both the chief minister and the governor urged the countrymen to show compassion for the poor. They called for promoting unity to fight the coronavirus and meet other challenges. The government through the district administrations had taken special measures to make the people observe safety guidelines to protect themselves from Covid-19. No fairs were allowed this time at public places unlike in the past. People were barred from recreation spots such as Shahi Bagh, Chacha Younas Family park in Panj Teerath and other parks. Police had been deployed for the purpose.

Sardaryab – one of the most highly visited picnic spots on such festivals – was wearing a deserted look as eateries were shut down by cops, swings locked and there was a ban on boating. The Eidul Fitr festival was marked in other parts of the province as well with equal zeal.