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PMA expresses concern over SC’s decision to end lockdown

By Our Correspondent
May 20, 2020

LAHORE: The Pakistan Medical Association (PMA) has expressed concern over the decision of the Supreme Court of Pakistan, which has ended the lockdown in the country. “Ending of the lockdown will definitely increase the burden of Covid-19. The load of corona patients at hospitals will increase which will have horrifying consequences,” the PMA office-bearers said during a video link meeting on Tuesday.

The meeting was attended by Dr Ikram Ahmed Tunio (Larkana), president PMA Centre, Dr SM Qaisar Sajjad (Karachi), secretary general PMA Centre, Dr Qazi Wasiq (Karachi), treasurer PMA Centre, Dr Salma Aslam Kundi (Abbottabad) president-elect PMA Centre, Dr Ashraf Nizami (Lahore), president PMA Lahore, Dr Malik Shahid Shaukat (Lahore), general secretary PMA Lahore, Dr Syed Masood (Sialkot), president PMA Punjab, Dr Amir Saleem (Kasur), joint secretary-I PMA Centre, Dr Fareed Sumalani (Quetta), president PMA Balochistan, Dr Mushtaq (Quetta), president PMA Quetta, Dr Saeed Ahmed (Quetta), joint secretary-II PMA Centre, Dr S Tipu Sultan (Karachi), ex-president PMA Centre, Dr Sharif Hashmani (Karachi), president PMA Karachi, Dr Abdul Ghafoor Shoro (Karachi), general secretary PMA Karachi, and Dr Shershah Syed (Karachi).

The participants said the PMA always respects the verdicts of courts, but as far as the coronavirus situation is concerned, the Supreme Court of Pakistan should have considered the opinion of doctors of the country.

Doctors, nurses and paramedics are fighting against coronavirus at the risk of their lives. More than 1,100 healthcare workers have been infected with coronavirus and 12 doctors have died. Two of the deceased doctors were treating corona patients while the other 10 died while treating non-corona patients.

They said doctors, nurses and paramedics are working very hard at quarantine centres, isolations centres, HDUs and ICUs to treat coronavirus patients. Moreover, doctors are serving with dedication in hospital wards, emergencies and OPDs at both public and private sector hospitals. “In this situation we request the government to control the coronavirus and also manage the economical conditions of people. We humbly request the general public to take care of themselves. Coronavirus is a reality, take it seriously. It is a fatal disease which has killed 320,448 people and has affected 4,910,481people till now around the world. The WHO director general on March 11, 2020 declared Covid-19 as a pandemic which has now reached 213 countries. We once again request you to adopt preventive measure like hand washing or hand sanitizing, wearing mask, maintaining social distance and avoiding hugging or shaking hands particularly on Eid days.”