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‘Ramazan Kitchen’ provides cooked food to over 200 poor families

May 04, 2020

Islamabad : In this difficult economic situation, the month of Ramazan came as a blessing as help for poor and economically stressed families is extended through all forums. One such example is open kitchen of Muslim Hands Pakistan.

The Ramazan open Kitchen of Muslim Hands Pakistan is fully active to provide hygienic cooked food for over 200 poor and deserving families daily in the surrounding of federal capital Islamabad. In the middle class and poor population of the city, where the Muslim Hands Pakistan is active in relief work, groups of young people also take care of the self- respect of families while finding the most deserving ones.

“We are trying to help people with care," said Muslim Hands country director Syed Zia ul Noor.

He said that during ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, Muslim Hands also provided safety equipment’s, sanitizers, N95 masks and other items to National Disaster Management Authority (NDMA) as well as distribution of rations to 10,000 families "Now we are distributing cooked meals on daily basis at the door steps over 200 poor and needy families through Muslim Hand Ramazan Open Kitchen," he said adding that we are also starting Ramazan Open Kitchen in other cities of country during Ramazan to support needy persons.

“Once food are cooked our volunteers pack them and reach out to people affected by the lockdown during Ramazan”, Zia ul Noor said.

He said that several other welfare organizations, individuals and businessmen are pitching in to help the citizens and government through various initiatives with the hope that humanity would survive these dreadful times of Coronavirus. “Muslim Hands will continue to provide food support to such families and to help them have a reliable supply of meals in the absence of employment opportunities”, Zia said. “The needy families are facing their worst times. They are worried about their own sustenance for the next 20 days or so in Ramadan. But we are doing our best to support them for humanity”, he concluded.