Tuesday November 30, 2021

Sindh notifies extending lockdown till 30th

April 15, 2020

KARACHI: The Sindh Government’s Home Department late on Tuesday night issued the notification to extend the lockdown regime in the province till April 30.

The notification was issued in accordance with the decisions taken at the National Coordination Committee’s meeting held earlier in the day and chaired by Prime Minister Imran Khan. The notification states that all educational institutions, public places, shopping centres, cinemas, markets and restaurants would remain closed in the province during the lockdown period till April 30. The take away service from restaurants would also remain closed whereas home delivery of the food services would continue.

All religious congregations and gathering of people at religious shrines would not be allowed during this period. All public transport would also remain shut in the province during this period. Visits to jail to meet the prisoners would also not be allowed during this period. All citizens would not be allowed to leave their homes from 5 pm till 8 am daily except emergency cases. The pillion riding on motorcycles will not be allowed during this period.

The Sindh Home Department says in its notification that certain sectors will be allowed to do functioning during the lockdown period as per the policy announced by the federal government to grant exemptions to such businesses and industries. But proper standard operating procedures (SOPs) have been announced for such industries and businesses to be followed for their functioning. These sectors and industries include construction sector, chemicals, manufacturing plants, E-Commerce, business process outsourcing, call centres, energy-related business (gas, LNG, refineries, and exploration), export-oriented industries, industries with labour within premises, industries with low labour component, including cement, chemicals, fertilizers; paper and packaging, plumbers, carpenters, electricians, dry cleaners, laundry, horticulture, veterinary services, software and programming, glass manufacturing, bookshop and stationary.

The notification says that the threat of COVID-19 spread has not subsided and that the opening up above sectors and businesses is subject to strict adherence to the SOPs.

The SOPs issued by the Sindh Home Department relates to general working of the above businesses, social distancing among the employees, workplace cleanliness, regulations related to visitors and customers, transportation of human resource, goods’ transportation and related matters to minimize the risk of the COVID-19 spread at such commercial and industrial establishments in Sindh.