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Karachi: the city of light or flies?

By News Desk
September 02, 2019

KARACHI: Karachi, the biggest city of the country, is suffering from a bizarre attack as an army of flies have landed on the city. After the unprecedented monsoon rains and Eid-ul-Azha, flies can be seen everywhere including streets, houses, offices and restaurants.

Though it is not the first time the city has experienced such a haphazard situation but the conditions of sewerage and sanitation are totally in disarray. The local administration, including the elected-mayor of the city, also seems incompetent to countering the current situation that needs commitment and dedication from the administrative and municipal authorities.

The Karachiites are vivaciously making fun of the situation, as Gohar Hassan, a resident, commented that the flies came to spend vacation in Karachi. Radio Jockey Adeel Azhar said he did not know that Karachi is hosting the International Flies Conference or the Flies Million March is taking place. One of the Karachiites said that the city of light had turned into the ‘City of Flies.’ One said that the city has become a gigantic metropolis disposing nearly 15,000 tonnes of garbage on daily basis but only 10-12,000 tonnes of garbage could be processed by the city administration.

An expert said that the city does not have any proper garbage wastage management system because it is divided among various authorities, including cantonment boards, DMCs and Sindh Solid Waste Management Board (SSWMB). The Managing Director of SSWMB, Dr A.D. Sanjrani, said Karachi is suitable for fly breeding.

While talking to the BBC, Dr Sanjrani explained that flies lay eggs under the soil and breed after getting moisture from the atmosphere. He admitted that the city sanitation is not up to the mark, adding that all the Karachiites should take responsibility and put the garbage to its proper places.

Prominent physician Dr Shershah Syed said flies carry germs through her wings and drops them on edible items. He also informed that the virus spread through flies can cause serious diseases including Hepatitis A, B, C, diarrhoea and dysentery.

Dr Shah suggested some precautionary measures to prevent these diseases through maintaining proper hygiene and to ensure the intake of fresh meals. He said fruits and vegetables should be finished in one sitting and should not be left for other time to take that would prevent the fly to spread virus.

The physician also suggested to give boiled water to children and if case of any medical complication, should contact the doctor. He said to control the growth of flies, everyone needs to take responsibility to take care of his or her garbage disposal. He said the people should avoid leaving garbage open and should use door nets to prevent flies from entering the houses.