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August 29, 2019

Two Fuhrersacross time: Part - II


August 29, 2019

The Hitler, Savitri, Modi threesome, was (is) an amalgam of hate and delusional contradictions. Hitler committed horrors on fellow humans but was an opera fan and animal-lover. He adored dogs; his first one was a terrier which Hitler found in the trenches during World War I. In 1917, Hitler’s regiment was on its way to Alsace where someone took off with his adored Fuschl; a grieving Hitler said: “the swine who stole my dog doesn’t know what he did to me”.

A 1933 Nazi document reads: “Our demand is that, once and for all there must be an end to animal exploitation. We still find ourselves in a desert of brutality and sadism. Vivisection (experimentation on live animals) is a criminal activity”. Hitler banned vivisection in August 1933, ordering persons who performed the same to be sent to concentration camps.

Savitri too shared the same trait; only animals evoked anything humane within her. She wrote a book ‘Long-Whiskers (Savitri's pet cat) and the Two-Legged Goddess’ and lived at her Jallundhar home with her (some say 20) cats and two cobras.

Modi, heralded as an “environmental changer” (Occupied Kashmir, Gujarat and Indian religious minorities!!) was given the 2018 'Champion of the Earth Award'. The film ‘Downfall’ depicts Hitler’s last days in gruesome detail. It showed Hitler caressing his German Sheppard Blondi. This gesture evoked a furor mirrored in the tabloid Bild demanding: “Are we allowed to show the monster as a human being”?

Recently, Modi appeared in Bear Grylls’ ‘Man vs Wild’. It was as much a choreographed farce as Ajit Doval recently having ‘wazwan’ (Kashmiri food) under the protection of scores of Indian paramilitary force in Srinagar. Throughout the episode Modi’s narcissistic narrative was about himself and his love for nature. However, he ‘improved’ upon the ‘strongman’ persona derived from gruesome atrocities by not even cringing when Bear Grylls shoved a lump of elephant dung under his nose.

The threesome’s similarities would be incomplete without their convoluted beliefs being laced with the supernatural. Savitri was a fierce proponent of the theory that Hitler and his cohorts escaped from Berlin and were waiting for the right moment to establish the Fourth Reich. She also claimed that the inner Nazi SS circle had assured her that work on flying-saucers had been completed and that Hitler, her avowed avatar (incarnation) of Vishnu was safe and well.

Savitri writes in her book ‘Gold in the furnace’ that she “did not regard the Third Reich’s destruction as the end of Nazism but as purification; a trial by fire, prelude to a new beginning”. She propagated the belief that the Golden Age (dhanakali) would be brought about by Kalki, Vishnu’s tenth avatar. When Hitler was on a rampage Savitri, as did the RSS and Sangh Parivar, believed that he was Kalki; when he was defeated, she changed track saying that Hitler was not the tenth avatar but his forerunner and that Kalki had yet to come.

Today in Narendra Modi we have a person commandeered by mythology and the ancient Manusmriti texts in bringing about a Hindutva-ruled Akhand Bharat; an implosive narrative ingrained within the masses. Those (Indian) voices that understand the consequences, the destructive fallout and grotesque perversion of Hinduism itself are dimmed by the overwhelming cacophony of Hindutva mongering.

In today's India, absurd myths are being propagated as reality. On June 7, 2019 India was abuzz with Delhi Police Chief's spokesperson Dependra Pathak’s statement that “a UFO was seen hovering above the PM’s official residence at 7, Lok Kalyan Marg in Delhi, a strictly no-fly zone. More details cannot be shared keeping security reasons in mind”. This kept open that alluring infallible window of ambiguity about a friendly UFO; maybe with Hitler reclining inside!

We now see the unraveling of the final (coming) act, predicted by Savitri and Nazis, as a bigoted campaign has been launched in the making of the ‘promised’ deity. On his 65th birthday, Modi was worshipped as an avatar of Vishnu. During this year's Ganesh Puja, Modi’s idol was placed alongside that of Ganesha at a giant Ganpati mandap (temple where Ganesha idols are placed) in Surat (Gujarat) and organizers referred to Modi as god. Temples with Modi idols have sprung up around India.

Lokesh Chandra, chief of the Indian Council for Cultural Relations, termed Modi a reincarnation of god. Maharashtra BJP spokesperson Avadhut Wagh said: “Narendra Modi is the avatar of Vishnu”. BJP MLA Gyandev Ahuja called Modi a ‘mahapurush’ (deity in ancient texts) and said “Modi is an incarnation of Vishnu”. Lallu Singh, a Faizabad BJP MP, compared Modi with Ram. Ashok Singhal, VHP’s international president for ten years said “Ram kee maha shakti hai Modi”. Ram Jethmalani, lawyer, politician and former chairman of the Bar Council of India, called Modi “an incarnation of Vishnu”.

Actor-turned-politician, Rajinikanth, in true Bollywood style, congratulated Modi and Amit Shah over their latest crime (370-35A) against IOK and gushed: “We don’t know who is Krishna and who is Arjuna, only they (Modi and Amit Shah) know”; in the Mahabharat, Krishna is an incarnation of Vishnu and Arjuna his disciple. The icing on this lethal concoction has Uma Bharti, BJP's vice president, saying that “Modi, Amit Shah and Arun Jaitley are actually Brahma, Vishnu and Mahesh”.

These are reported facts alongwith Modi's absurd claims that cosmetic surgery and reproductive genetics were practised in India thousands of years ago. In his foreword to a Gujarat school-book (which personify Hitler as a deity and commend his extermination of non-Aryans) Modi wrote: “the Hindu god Rama flew the first airplane…Indian rishis (saints) would attain divya drishti (divine perception) by using their yog vidya; there is no doubt that the invention of television goes back to this”.

How this sort of bizarre narrative is being lapped up by even the educated Indian class is mirrored in one of the many examples where Andhra University Vice Chancellor Nageshwar Rao spewed these pearls of mythical wisdom at a recent Indian Science Congress seminar: “Vishnu sent a Sudarshan Chakra (disk-like weapon) to chase targets, proving [that the] science of guided missiles was present in India thousands of years ago”. In the same speech he claimed that “Ravan didn’t just have the Pushpak Viman (fighter jet with flowers) but [also] had 24 types of aircraft that used several (Sri) Lanka airports”. All this in an India, once home to ancient civilizations; a seat of intellect, art, sciences and wisdom but where hate inspired-insanity laced with hubris and mythology prevails today.

This is an India where the likes of extremist Yogi Adityanath is the BJP CM of UP, the most populous Indian state; it is also an India where Pragya Thakur, charged with the Malegaon bomb-blast alongwith Maj Ramesh Upadhyay and Lt-Col Prasad Purohit, wins the Bhopal seat on a BJP ticket by a huge margin of 3,64,822 votes. This trio’s various acts of terror (blamed on Pakistan) were labeled as ‘saffron terror’ within India.

As Fuhrer Modi addressed his Fourth Reich on August 15 from the ramparts of Lal Qila, an edifice to the glory that India was, but reviled by the RSS/BJP brigand today, the pomp and show was a mere oxymoron of a ‘secular democratic’ India. It was the 11th (today 23rd) day of the fascist internment of over 10 million innocent Kashmiris. It also was a day, the eve of which saw all six RSS/BJP protected gao-raksha murderers of Pehlu Khan (just one among many of the lynched and murdered Muslims) walk scot-free despite the taped brutal murder seen by millions round the globe.

This not the India envisioned by its founding fathers; it is Fuhrer Modi’s Fourth Reich indeed where the ‘final solution’, the insatiable thirst for Muslim blood and that of religious minorities reigns supreme. At the culmination of World War II, Hitler was mere months away from possessing atomic bombs. One can visualize the horrors had he had atomic bombs in those genocidal years.

The most bone-chilling part is that as international observers predict repeated Modi genocide in Occupied Kashmir, President Trump awaits a Fuhrer arbitration invitation, the Muslim ‘ummah’ is at its heartless worst and the world slumbers; Fuhrer Modi’s finger twitches over the nuclear button; his delusional hate-filled psyche and genocidal record a testament to the horrors he can wreak.


The writer is a freelance contributor.

Email: [email protected]