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Karo Kari claims three more lives in Sindh

September 17, 2018

SUKKUR: Three people including a couple became the latest tragic victims of the sordid tribal tradition of Karo Kari. According to police reports, an 18-year-old girl Zahra Jagirani was killed in village Sacho Jagirani, Larkana after being accused of becoming a Kari. The Kangha Police arrested the father and brother of the girl and is further investigating.

In Shahdadpur, a father and son duo allegedly killed their daughter Hamida and her husband Sajjan and dumped their bodies in a ditch. According to SHO Jhool Maqsood Ahmed, Ghulam Hussain along with his son Nisar killed his daughter who had married her distant cousin against the family’s wishes two months ago in Jacobabad. The Police said Ghulam Hussain was very agitated over the marriage and got an FIR of daughter’s kidnapping registered against her husband Sajjan and other members of his family. The boy’s mother and his brother were subsequently arrested for the alleged kidnapping and are still behind the bars. Meanwhile, a few days ago, the girl’s father approached the couple and asked them to come to the house, telling them that the dispute was all over. On Saturday, when the couple returned, they were killed by the father Ghulam Hussain and brother Nisar, the police account stated. The two have been arrested and further investigations are underway.

In another incident, two children drowned in a Rice Canal of Larkana. On Sunday 7-year-old Sumair Abbasi and 8-year-old Khan Muhammed Chandio went to the Rice canal for a swim and drowned. The local divers after hectic efforts of three hours pulled their bodies from the canal.