• Pakistan elected vice president of APA body on political affairs

      December 02, 2016
      Print : Islamabad

      Senate of Pakistan to host first meeting of SCCAP during February 2017


      On the occasion of 9th Plenary Session of Asian Parliamentary Assembly (APA) being held in Siem Reap, Cambodia, Pakistan chaired the APA Special Committee on Creation of Asian Parliament, which was attended by all the member parliament countries.

      According to a message received from Cambodia, Chairman Senate Mian Raza Rabbani shared his views and ideas about the proposed Asian Parliament and said that it would be a voice of people of Asia in the face of historic and emerging challenges and it should be taken as ultimate goal of the Asian Parliamentary Assembly. 

      The Secretary Senate presented a plan of action drafted by the Senate of Pakistan for deliberation and base work to prepare a roadmap. The members of Parliament of 14 countries spoke on the concept and proposals given by Pakistan.

      Majority of these were appreciative of the Pakistan Senate proposals and efforts. Pakistan will host three meetings in Islamabad during 2017 to firm up ideas and proposals in this connection. Pakistan proposed 5 sub-groups of APA member countries to give well thought out and coordinated input by representatives of each subgroup during the coming meetings.

      Speaking on the occasion, Rabbani said that a forum of Asian Parliament would provide a better opportunity for resolution of issues and overcoming challenges hampering the progress of Asian region. He underscored the need for enhanced parliamentary linkages for adopting common agenda for the betterment of the people of the Asia.

      The Senate of Pakistan appreciated the all APA members and especially the president APA for electing Pakistan as the Vice President of APA Standing Committee on Political Affairs (SCCAP) for the year 2017. Being Chair of the Political Affairs Committee, the Senate of Pakistan shall host independent meetings of the SCCAP before it may submit concrete proposals to the Political Affairs Committee.

      During the meeting, the Secretary Senate of Pakistan Amjed Prevez Malik while elaborating the way forward, informed that as the first step, and to generate a meaningful discussion on the matter, Rabbani, during the meeting of APA Standing Committee on Economic & Sustainable Development Affairs held in Islamabad on July 26, 2016, presented a proposal to APA Parliaments to form 5 to 7 sub-regional geo-political groups within APA.

      These sub-groups are being formed with the sole purpose of facilitating the discussion on creation of the Asian Parliament. The sub-groups shall meet on the sidelines of the meetings of the four APA Standing Committees, two Executive Council Meetings and also additional meetings, as convenient to them, during the year. The sub-groups shall provide consensus based input of their region to the SCCAP.

      The Senate of Pakistan will host the first meeting of SCCAP during February 2017. The SCCAP meeting will deliberate on the modalities and requisites of Asian Parliament like its composition, bureau, membership, defining its power, whether advisory or legislative and mode of election. The SCCAP shall also discuss various existing models of regional parliamentary platforms and shall propose the desired model of the Asian Parliament. As part of generating consensus amongst APA states on integration of Asia, poverty alleviation, human rights, environment and other issues of common interest, shall be on the agenda of SCCAP during 2017. 



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