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China discards ‘Shenzhen speed’ for ‘Punjab speed’

July 26, 2016

BEIJING: The Chinese people and government’s functionaries, referring to Punjab Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif for his performance, have started using the term “Punjab speed” as a role model, not only for the morale boosting of workers but also to motivate them to accomplish their assigned tasks in the extraordinary way he is doing in Punjab.

The chief minister is currently visiting China. China’s ruling Communist Party, giving a rosy welcome and extra protocol, has arranged high-level meetings for the visiting delegation.Monday was yet another busy day as Shahbaz held 11 meetings with various personalities, including with the chairperson of China’s Exim Bank.

The Exim Bank Chairperson, Hu Xiaolian, said earlier in China they used the term “Shenzhen speed” as a symbol of development and progress, but instead “Punjab speed” was currently in use in China for the rapid execution of projects.

She said Chinese investment in Pakistan would increase manifold in the days to come and a number of projects were being completed in Punjab with an investment of billions of dollars by the Exim Bank.

It may be mentioned that Shenzhen is a city in China where the first industrial economic zone was set up and the Chinese surprised the whole world by its speed of construction.

The chief minister said Chinese financial institutions were playing a historic role in the promotion of Pak-China cooperation through timely and uninterrupted completion of projects in Punjab.

Shahbaz thanked Xiaolian supporting and issuing the loan instalment for the Orange Line project despite a court stay order.Separately, an agreement was signed in the chief minister’s presence for setting up an industrial park in Chunian at cost of Rs20 billion.

Chinese investors will set up factories in the industrial park spreading over an area of 2,000 acres under the agreement inked by the Gharibwal Cement Group and China International Trust and Investment Corporation (CITC).

Shahbaz also held a meeting with Chinese Deputy Prime Minister Zhang Gaoli, as both sides agreed on taking effective steps to promote contacts between the Communist Party of China and the PML-N.

Gaoli said there was a need to explore new avenues for strengthening contacts between the two political parties for which all-out cooperation would be extended.

He said China was fully aware of the importance of Punjab with regard to economic cooperation between the two countries. He spoke highly of the progress being made by the Punjab province.

He also expressed good wishes for Nawaz and appreciated his vision. He said the entire Chinese leadership was praying for Nawaz’s early recovery.

Shahbaz said the Communist Party of China had full support of the people, adding that socialist ideology and the force of great historical heritage were behind the unprecedented progress of China.

He said all necessary measures were being taken for the security of Chinese nationals in Pakistan and there was a need to promise that the mutual cooperation between the two countries would be fully utilised for betterment and prosperity of the masses.

Shahbaz also visited a lever transplant hospital where it was agreed that China would support Pakistan in establishment of a similar facility in Punjab.

The chief minister also met the Communist Party of China’s International Liaison Department Head Song Tao who said the relations between Communist Party of China and the PML-N are ideal, which had strengthened in the tenure of Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif.

Shahbaz said the Communist Party, Chinese President Xi Jinping and Prime Minister Li Keqiang had played a key role in making China the second biggest economic power of the world.

He said the Pakistani people, government and army were on the same page against terrorism, adding that the terrorists were a common enemy of China and Pakistan.

The chief minister also delivered letters of Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif for the Chinese president and prime minister.

The unprecedented warm welcome extended to Shahbaz suggests the ruling Communist Party has developed personal links with the PML-N leadership, which would continue for a long period.