Saturday December 09, 2023

8th international symposium on advanced materials begins

By Our Correspondent
October 03, 2023

Islamabad:The 18th International Symposium on Advanced Materials organised by Pakistan Advanced Materials Forum (PAMF) begins in the capital on Monday.

This biennial event has become one of the prime international forums at which materials engineers and scientists can keep themselves up-to-date with recent technologies and new developments in advanced structural and functional materials. 300 papers will be presented by local and foreign researchers. Addressing he inaugural ceremony, chief guest Muhammad Naeem former chairman PAEC, highlighted the scope of materials technology as unlimited which has led to a significant increase in the range and depth of research and development in the industrially advanced world. He said, “The impact of Materials on human society has always been vital not only in transforming the lifestyles through the ages but also the perception and mindset of the people.

While mankind moved from the stone-age to Iron and Bronze-age and now has come to the world of Advanced Materials, which have constantly been shaping and redefining lives. The innovative use of materials. commonly known as advanced materials, has led to better medical care. Enhanced safety in infrastructure projects, faster and safer transport as well as the provision of more leisure facilities for common man.” Progress, has just been the other name of the successive revolutions in the evolution of advanced materials. He added that Advanced materials are a class of substances that have been meticulously crafted. Often at the molecular or atomic level, to possess extraordinary properties and functionalities that surpass those found m conventional materials. Scientist, engineers and researchers manipulate the composition, structure and behaviour of these materials to achieve specified desired characterizes.

Addressing the ceremony, the chairman of the symposium, Tahir Ikram emphasised the role of advanced materials saying “In this modern era, the growth and development of any country is gauged on the basis of advancement of materials. From the pre-historic times and now the world of advanced and new materials, mankind has always measured its progress through the use of metals and materials and it will continue do so in future.”

He said that “This platform has become the most popular platform for researchers in Pakistan to get together, present the finding of their study and discuss important development in the field with delegates from all over the world, new and persistent interaction with the researcher coming from abroad has always been a very positive outcome of these symposia.”

Briefing about the previous 17 symposia the secretary of the Symposium, Dr. Amjad Ali said that holding the symposia on advanced materials was a timely decision taken in 1989, 18 in its series, so far, this biennial event has been held from the last 35 years. He informed that the theme of these symposia has been to provide a common platform to the participants from abroad and within the country to exchange information, share their ideas, experiences, expertise on the materials that are being used across the globe.