Saturday December 09, 2023

SWLA demands protection for Fatima Furiro’s family

By Our Correspondent
October 01, 2023

The Sindh Women Lawyers Alliance (SWLA), an alliance of women lawyers across the province, on Saturday held dialogue on the Fatima Fariro case and overall protection of children in the province.

Key speakers were Anis Haroon and Nuzhat Shireen of the Sindh Commission on Women Status, journalist Riaz Sohail, activist Fahmida Riaz, researcher Dr Aysha Dharejo, and President Sindh Women Lawyers Alliance Shazia Nizamani.

A resolution adopted at the end of the dialogue demanded that protection be provided to victim Fatima Furior’s family and the Gambat Institute of Medical Science and a government primary school in her village be named after her name.

It further demanded implementation of the Privacy and Protection Act and a fair trial to ensure justice.

The speakers noted there was a need for legislation which clearly lays out rules, procedures, budget allocation, offences and punishments to discourage the practice of child abuse. They called for an online FIR system to be introduced in Sindh.

The speakers also stressed the need for a dedicated team of professionals and motivated officials, including child protection officers, for the protection of children from abuses.

The tragic case of Fatima Furiro is one of several in recent weeks, along with those of Rizwana and Andleeb in Islamabad, that have put the spotlight on the violent abuse of underprivileged girls.