Saturday September 23, 2023

‘Soan’ to help in more effective policing

June 10, 2023

Islamabad:The police authorities, strengthening police structure, have established a new division ‘Soan’, increasing to 5 police divisions of the Federal Capital Police and 12 sub-divisions and 27 police stations. The move comes as the 27 police stations under Islamabad Capital Police are now divided into five distinct divisions. The decision was formalised through a notification issued by the Chief Commissioner's office, in accordance with the recommendation put forth by Dr. Akbar Nasir Khan, Islamabad Capital City Police Officer. Under the reorganisation, the newly formed division, ‘Soan’, joins the existing divisions of President, City, Rural, and Industrial Area, which were previously part of Islamabad Capital Police. Driven by the recommendation of Islamabad Capital City Police Officer Dr. Akbar Nasir Khan, the Chief Commissioner's office duly issued the official notification for the creation of the new division.

Notably, the Rural Division will now encompass police stations in Bani Gala, Shahzad Town, Bhara Kahu, Phulgran, and Nilore, while the City Zone will include stations in Ramna, Shalimar, Margalla, Karachi Company, Secretariat, Aabpara, Kohsar, and Women's Police Station. Similarly, the President Zone will consist of stations in Sumbal, Golra, Tarnol, and Sangjani. The new ‘Soan’ division will oversee police stations in Kanna, Korang, Karpah, Sahala, Humak, and Loi Bher. Meanwhile, the Industrial Area Zone will be responsible for the Industrial Area Police Station, Sabzi Mandi, Shams Colony, and Noon.