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SSUET awards 1,000 degrees at 26th convocation

By Our Correspondent
March 16, 2023

KARACHI: Sir Syed University of Engineering & Technology (SSUET) organised its 26th convocation awarding 1,000 degrees to the students of BS and MS programmes as well as to PhD students.

Position holders also received gold, silver and bronze medals for securing the highest marks in the respective disciplines.

A large number of educationists, scholars, dignitaries, including Sindh Governor Muhammad Kamran Tessori, former federal interior minister Lt-General (retired) Moinuddin Haider and noted businessman Sardar Yasin Malik, attended the convocation.

Syeda Madiha Azeem of bio-medical engineering, Masfa Arif of computer engineering, Almas of electronic engineering, Muhammad Arham of electrical engineering, Samiullah Shah of computer science, Abdullah of software engineering, Muhammad Huzaifa Ali of civil engineering, Noor Bano Mansoor of architecture, Syed Muhammad Jawad of information technology and Asif Ur Rehman of electrical engineering technology received gold medals for securing the 1st position.

Recipients of silver medals for securing the second position included Areeba Wali, Sara Saleem, Juveria, Yasharah Jawed, Muhammad Ahsan Malik, Muhammad Hashir Uddin, Fahad Mehmood Qadri, Sara Kalim and Nashmia Khan.

Mahin Nadeem, Nawal Arshad, Syed Ammar Ul Haq, Azhan Ahmed, Huzaifa, Maham Riaz and Muhammad Shahzaib were awarded bronze medals for standing 3rd.

Addressing the convocation, Governor Tessori said that this is an era of software-based digital applications and emerging technologies. We are living in an environment where only knowledge and skills matter. Job situation is unpredictable and highly competitive. “My advice to graduates is to keep updating their knowledge and skills throughout their career and get themselves prepared to cope with emerging technologies and advancements taking place in various fields and accept challenges boldly.”

He urged women not to restrict the position-holder girls to domestic chores as their daughters-in-law and let them continue with their skill-based professional careers. “To serve mankind, authority is not needed but the character and will to do so is. Our leaders did not show us the direction. We are devoid of basic amenities although we have the sea in the city but no water. We got to be a good human being.”

Tessori said that the university management has a long period of a proven track of successful development, the will, determination, and potential to bring change to the university according to the dynamics of the environment. The university has capacity for change.

Chancellor Jawaid Anwar said the convocation is the culmination of tireless efforts with feeling of accomplishment in life. It is glorious occasion to cherish. It is a moment to rejoice an important landmark that gives recognition to the efforts, support and sacrifices of your parents, guardians, whether in the form of devotion of time and energy for your studies or financing studies or accumulation of responsibilities in your journey in pursuit of education, he said.

He said that Sir Syed University is undoubtedly a distinguished university that was established on the vision of the great visionary Sir Syed Ahmed Khan and it carries forward his legacy of education and social reform to create a peaceful and progressive society. Sir Syed University signifies a new strategic direction in comprehensive education where it broadens perspectives, builds diverse connections and encourages innovation and ideas across borders.

Anwar said that the youth is now approaching software-based digital applications that provide them easy employment and take them to entrepreneurship. The role of universities is not limited to awarding degrees to the students, but it is their duty to link them to the industries and economical activities, he said, adding that Sir Syed University produces world class graduates able to compete in the market and cope with field challenges. Our graduates have already stepped into job markets not only inside the country but also abroad.

Appreciating the efforts made by the graduates for achieving the honour, Vice Chancellor Prof Dr Vali Uddin said that the innovation and emerging technologies together can open up new vistas of development and prosperity for Pakistan. Sir Syed University has always endeavored to be progressive, responsive to advancement in science, engineering and technology or business management.

Today there is more focus on innovation and research. It is now necessary to figure out the new demands according to the global changes, and to update the students with new academic environment, he said.

Presenting the progress report of the university, he said Sir Syed University, sponsored by AMUOBA, embodies Sir Syed Ahmed Khan’s philosophy and has grown from two departments and 200 students in 1994 to 12 departments offering undergraduate, postgraduate, MS, and PhD programmes with 6,263 students and 391 faculty members, including 63 holding PhDs. The teacher-student ratio of 16:1 meets accreditation council criteria. Since its inception, Sir Syed University of Engineering and Technology has produced over 20,000 highly skilled and competent graduates, who have made significant contributions to both the local and global job markets.

He said that the university has signed 88 MoUs since 2016, with 58 still active. These agreements aim to enhance academic excellence and diversify research efforts by exchanging knowledge and skills. The MoUs were with national and foreign institutions, including Spain, China, Turkey, Indonesia, Azerbaijan, and Syria. Over the course of the past year, a total of 101 research papers were published in prestigious research journals.

Prof Vali Uddin said that Sir Syed University has made significant strides and received several prestigious awards in recognition of its outstanding achievements. The university has been awarded the Best Engineering University and the Brand of the Year Award, while the vice chancellor has been recognized for his exceptional leadership and management skills. Sir Syed University has also established valuable partnerships with overseas universities such as the University of Malaga in Spain and the University of Sofia in Bulgaria, facilitating the exchange of knowledge and expertise across different academic and cultural domains.

Solar panels have been installed for the drip irrigation system at the new campus that now has a functioning water well. Three undergraduate degree programme in Clinical Psychology, Cyber Security and Food Science & Technology, as well as two postgraduate programmes in Civil Engineering and Mathematics have been inducted.

ORIC hosted an event for final-year students to showcase their innovation, selecting 100 projects out of 200 for exhibition and shortlisted 20 for the Silicon Valley.

The construction of the ground plus 10-floor block for administration, library & research is a major development initiative of Sir Syed University. The new block will be a state-of-the-art facility, designed to meet the needs of modern education and research.

Registrar Syed Sarfraz Ali said the vision for Sir Syed University is to transform it into a center of academic excellence and make it a world-class institution. Our mission is to develop and nurture excellent professionals who can contribute to the betterment of our society and the world at large.