Friday January 27, 2023

Not so fast

December 01, 2022

This refers to the news report ‘No general elections if KP, Punjab PAs dissolved: ECP’ (November 29, 2022). The ECP has squashed any hopes Imran Khan was harbouring of initiating early elections by dissolving the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and Punjab assemblies. With our precarious financial position, and with the IMF programme not proceeding as planned, the country cannot afford the giant expense that an early election would entail.

Furthermore, the controversy surrounding the last census’ count of Karachi’s population has yet to be sorted. Given this context, matters are too precarious to be left to the whims of a man who is willing to waste his and the country’s money on fruitless pursuits out of sheer ego and stubbornness.

SRH Hashmi