Tuesday February 07, 2023

Spending sprees

November 30, 2022

Every day we hear from the government about the precarious financial situation the country is in. We hear about how there is a shortage of US dollars and therefore most of the imports including imports of industries and food items have been stopped by the government of Pakistan to save precious US dollars. Therefore it was shocking to see that last week one person in Pakistan was allowed to import a number of Audi E-trons vehicles costing Rs3.5 crore to Rs6.8 crore each.

I would like to ask the government of Pakistan how it can justify spending precious US dollars on clearing the imports of these expensive luxurious vehicles at a time like this. Why and who in the Ministry of Finance allowed these imports into Pakistan? Did anyone pay the relevant tax against these vehicles on their import? It is easier for the government to harp on about the precarious condition of Pakistan's economy and the shortage of US dollars, but the government should also show the people of Pakistan the efforts they are making to overcome this situation. It aso needs to investigate and punish those allowing such wastage of US dollars on luxurious imports.

Shahryar Khan Baseer