Thursday December 08, 2022

KE response

October 31, 2022

This refers to the letter, ‘Lights out’ (Oct 19) by Irfan Hussain. The K-Electric (KE) spokesperson clarifies that unannounced loadshedding is not being done in any area of the city. All power outages are as per the schedule announced on June 30, 2022; the shortfall remains 24 hours. Difficulties in purchasing fuel and a reduction in fuel supply affects productivity due to which loadshedding is being carried out in exempted areas. The minimum duration of power outage is three hours, and the maximum is 10 hours. Steps are being taken to provide maximum relief to consumers. To provide uninterrupted electricity to consumers, several campaigns are being carried out against illegal connections and electricity theft. It is not correct to equate electricity shutdown with loadshedding on the basis of non-payment of bills and other technical reasons.

The period of loadshedding is decided in accordance with the national power policy, power theft in an area and other losses. A significant reduction in the rate of losses leads to a reduction or the elimination of loadshedding in that area. For rectification of regional faults or for complaints, customers can contact KE’s call centres at 118, send SMS at 8119, use the KE Live app and reach out to the power utility’s social media pages.

KE Spokesperson


    Ehmer commented a month ago

    Still, we are facing a load shedding issue 7 to 8 hours a day since April 2 2022 till now almost it`s 7 months and tomorrow it will be going to start 8 month but KE is still on the same track of load shedding

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