Sunday March 26, 2023

Rangers seek allotment of 135 acres in Sindh

October 29, 2022

KARACHI: Pakistan Rangers (Sindh) has asked the Sindh government for allotment of 135 acres of land enabling it to vacate the public buildings in its possession.

According to the official documents (copies of which are available with The News) some 109 public buildings of government schools, colleges, universities, hospitals and other government offices spread over 231 acres are in possession of Pakistan Rangers, Sindh, throughout the province for their operational and residential purposes.

Out of 109 buildings 64 buildings spread over 148 acres in Karachi division and rest of 45 buildings spread over 83 acres are in other districts of province.

The Pakistan Rangers in its official letter asked the Sindh government that the force (Rangers) was called in Karachi and then other parts of province in 1995 for maintenance of law-and-order situation and was housed in available accommodation in public buildings of various departments provided by Sindh government.

The letter further said the existing deployment pattern has been continuously analyzed to suit the evolving security environment and develop on effective security infrastructure to maintain efficient reaction capability to deal with the threat in close vicinity of existing Rangers setup.

The Rangers authorities identified 135 acres of Sindh government’s vacant land and asked the provincial government for its allotment to the various outfits of Pakistan Rangers for a permanent solution of the problem. On the demand, the Sindh Home Department asked the Land Utilization Department by quoting an order of Sindh Chief Minister to submit its comments for further action.

Abdul Rasheed Channa, Spokesman of Sindh Chief Minister Syed Murad Ali Shah, told The News that Sindh government wanted to address the accommodation problem of Rangers on permanent basis, so that the public buildings including those of educational institutions and hospitals could be vacated. Instructions have been given to the Sindh Land Utilisation department and the decision of Rangers’ accommodation would be taken with their consultations, Channa added.