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PU awards PhD degrees to five scholars

By Our Correspondent
October 25, 2022

LAHORE:Punjab University (PU) has awarded PhD degrees to five of its scholars. According to details, Sohail Mazhar was awarded PhD degree in the subject of Education after approval of his thesis entitled “Relationship Between Knowledge Management and Organisational Learning at Higher Education Institutions in Punjab, Pakistan”, Azmat Mehmood Asim in the subject of Chemistry after approval of his thesis “Synthesis and Applications of Ionic Liquids in Biomass Processing”, Sidra Zawar in the subject of Solid State Physics after approval of her thesis “M-Oxide (M=Co, Mn, Zn)/Carbon Based Hybrid Electrode Materials for Electrochemical Storage Devices”, Adeel Ahmad in the subject of Geomatics after approval of his thesis “Spatial Resource Assessment of Forests in Azad Jammu and Kashmir, Pakistan Using Optical Remote Sensing Techniques” and Asif Javed in the subject of Islamic Studies after approval of his thesis “Punishment of Apostasy: Classical Islamic and Modern Thoughts (Analytical Study)”.

Novel ‘Other Days’ discussed: Distinguished writer Arshad Waheed enlightened the audience with an exclusive talk on his latest novel "Other Days" at THAAP Secretariat here. Arshad Waheed's latest novel ‘Other Days’ explores the eventful life of Pakistani immigrants residing in the UK, facing identity crisis in a fast-changing world.

He said that he did not try to impose any ideology on his characters, all took their path and represent their specific approach towards life. The writer is serving as a technical adviser of social policy and planning at the Institute of Social Policy, Islamabad, Pakistan since 2002. Besides writing novels, he has translated work of leading global writers Gabriel Garcia Marquez and Milan Kundera. Those who spoke on the occasion were Iqbal Haider, Nabila Kiani and Raza Naeem. CEO THAAP, Prof Sajida Haider Vandal thanked the writer for the exciting talk on his novel.