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Netflix’s ‘Bridgerton’ actress Nicola Coughlan defends season 3 changes

Netflix 'Bridgerton' third season will focus on the love story of Coughlan's character, Penelope Featherington

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October 06, 2022
Netflix’s ‘Bridgerton’ actress Nicola Coughlan defends season 3 change
Netflix’s ‘Bridgerton’ actress Nicola Coughlan defends season 3 change

Bridgerton actress Nicola Coughlan responded to a fan who disagreed about the change in season 3 of the Netflix show.

Bridgerton, which is based on Julia Quinn’s series of novels, will deviate from its source material in the upcoming season 3. In the third book, the plot focuses on Benedict Bridgerton’s hunt for romance. However, the third season of the Netflix series will instead focus on Coughlan’s character Penelope and her romance with Colin Bridgerton (Luke Newton).

According to Digital Spy, a fan had expressed their disappointment with the season 3 plot, arguing that the show should have focussed on Claudia Jessie’s Eloise Bridgerton instead.

“I’m late about this news. But I heard next instalment is about Penelope and Colin. That is ridiculous. She ruined everyone’s life, get the money and just walk away with happy ending," the fan wrote. “The next season should about Eloise, but instead the made it for minor fan. Good luck.”

Coughlan responded on Instagram regarding this change. “Loads of people get mad at me for things Penelope did, but I really didn’t do them because it’s a script and I see the words and do acting. Please be nice to me. I will never have any say over storylines, what order stories are going in, what’s on posters, who’s on posters, who’s doing what press. That’s, like, way beyond my skill set.”

She continued, “I’m there to do the acting and, you know, I don’t have a choice in most things. I wouldn’t be like, ‘This my best hair look. I mean, I was meant to look like that and Lou [Bannell] who did this hair and makeup, I love you. But, I was meant to look like a sad poodle, so I looked like a sad poodle.”

Currently, Bridgerton’s third season is in production.