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Netflix drops deleted scene from ‘Squid Game’ season 1 revealing Front Man’s identity

Squid Game' The never-seen-before clip reveals 'the mastermind behind the survival game'

By Web Desk
September 25, 2022

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Netflix has released a jaw-dropping, unseen clip from hit show Squid Gama season one at Tudum event on September 24.

On Saturday, as part of the Netflix global event Tudum, the director of South Korean survival drama Hwang Dong-hyuk released an unseen clip from season one.

Dong-hyuk appeared in a video message. “I’d like to thank all the Netflix fans around the world again for loving Squid Game,” he said. “Please look forward to season two, which will be filled with all-new stories.

He surprised fans with a never-before-seen clip from the show. “In the meantime, I’ve prepared a small gift for the fans waiting for Squid Game season two. Let’s take a look.”

The previously unreleased clip then showed a man carrying goldfish in a water bag down a silent corridor and entering a room.

After pouring the goldfish into a fishbowl, the person’s face was seen staring at them, reportedly revealing the identity of the mysterious mastermind of the survival game.

Outside the building, another figure watched the window intently. Watch the clip here.

Squid Game made history at the 2022 Emmy Awards with a stunning win of six accolades including Lee Jung-jae, who plays Seong Gi-hoon, took home the award for Outstanding Lead Actor for his role.

Hwang also bagged the Outstanding Directing for a Drama Series award, making Squid Game the first non-English language drama to be awarded in the category.