Monday December 11, 2023

Meghan Markle ‘doesn’t mind’ tearing Prince Harry’s family a part: ‘Creating chaos’

Meghan Markle ridiculed for allegedly attempting to ‘destroy’ the entire Royal Family

By Web Desk
September 18, 2022

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Meghan Markle has come under fire for allegedly trying to 'destroy' the entire Royal  Family. 

This claim has been made by royal commentator and author Meghan Mccain, in her latest piece for the Daily Mail.

She began by writing, “I never really held very strong thoughts about the Royals until Harry and Meghan splashed onto the scene.”

“Since then, I've recognized that there is much to appreciate – especially the inspiring example set by the queen. But I've also come to recognize something else: Meghan doesn't mind tearing the Royal family apart.”

“And here's why: Harry and Meghan are in the business of Harry and Meghan. And when they're creating chaos, business is good.”

“Because these professional troublemakers have made their choice. After skipping town, they are no longer working Royals and they don't want to be.”

“They want to be A-list celebrities in America. They want to make Barack and Michelle Obama-sized money off podcasts and streaming deals. And possibly most significantly, they do not want to play second fiddle to anyone.”

She further added, “To be blunt – they want to be King Harry and Queen Meghan.”

“No matter how many magazine covers Harry and Meghan grace, or interviews they give or bombshells they drop to Oprah, they will never reign over England.”