Monday September 26, 2022

Meghan Markle accused of ‘wanting incredible amounts of abuse’ from Firm

Meghan Markle issued dire warning about prepping for the barrage of abuse she’s ‘surely in for’

By Web Desk
August 12, 2022

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Worried fans warn Meghan Markle against inviting “incredible abuse” from the world.

This revelation and insight have been offered by Denée Benton, in her interview with Tatler Magazine.

There, she addressed the realities of being a person of colour and referenced Megxit.

Ms Benton was quoted saying, “Being the first and only [person of colour], you're really set up for an incredible amount of abuse – the system isn't set up to support you.”

“And I think that [because of] the lineage of the really profoundly devastating effects of colonisation as it relates to the monarchy, you can't necessarily just pop a black person in.”

“It requires a lot of reckoning,” Benton even went on to alleged, especially when it comes to fully ‘accepting’ such a change.

She believes the stress of such a change has the power to “eat someone alive.”

Unless you're ready to do that work, then the person who's put in that position ends up suffering more than the changes they are able to make," and will just "get eaten alive or make the choice to protect themselves,” she added before concluding.