Tuesday December 06, 2022

Drake sparks backlash after he defends 14-minute private jet flights

Drake has left fans upset after explaining the reason for taking a number of private jet flights last week

By Web Desk
July 31, 2022

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Drake finally addressed the criticism he has been facing online over the 14-minute-long flight he took on his private jet, earlier this week.

The God’s Plan crooner, 35, who tried his best to clear the air, has landed in a new hot debate on the internet after giving a bizarre explanation.

Responding to the criticism, the Canadian rapper said that the aircraft was just being transferred to the location they are being stored and no one was on-board.

Drake sparks backlash after he defends 14-minute private jet flights

“This is just them moving planes to whatever airport they are being stored at for anyone who was interested in the logistics,” he wrote, commenting on a post about the controversy from the Instagram account of Real Toronto News. “Nobody takes that flight.”

Several of Drake’s fans supported him, suggesting celebrities often move their planes for convenience. Many others fumed that the pollution from the flight was even more unforgivable because it had no passengers. “OK but that’s worse, you don’t see how that’s worse?” one internet user wrote. "Wake up!!! Take the train!" added another.

Last week, the Twitter account @CelebJets, which tracks celebrities’ flights, tweeted that Drake’s jet had gone from his native Toronto to Hamilton – both in the state of Ontario – with the journey covering only 38 miles, and taking just 14 minutes. According to the account, the flight used 1,522 litres of fuel, and was responsible for four tons of CO2 emissions.