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'The Shining' actor Joe Turkel passes away

Character actor Joe Turkel bids goodbye at the age of 94

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July 02, 2022
The Shining actor Joe Turkel passes away
'The Shining' actor Joe Turkel passes away 

Character actor Joe Turkel, breathed his last at the age of 94 at St. John's Hospital, reports Deadline.

Character actor Turkel whose indelible performances included roles as the sinister bartender Lloyd in Stanley Kubrick's The Shining and the maker of artificial humans in Blade Runner    died peacefully with his sons Craig and Robert by his side.

Turkel was born July 15, 1927, in Brooklyn, and at age 17 enlisted in the Merchant Marines and later joined the United States Army and saw active wartime service in Europe.

Deadline notes that Turkel moved to California in 1947 to pursue an acting career, and the following year landed his first credited film work in City Across the River.

To note, Turkel was one of just two actors to work in three Stanley Kubrick features as a credited character.

Just before his death, the actor completed a memoir entitled The Misery of Success. The family plans to publish the book sometime in late 2022.

Turkel is survived by his two sons and daughters-in-law Craig and Annie Turkel, Robert and Casilde Sesti, and his brother David Turkel; two grandchildren, Ben and Sarah.