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Behaviour specialist reveals why Amber Heard addressed ‘only the jury’ in testimony

A behaviour specialist sheds light on why Amber Heard kept turning to the jury in her testimony

By Web Desk
May 19, 2022

A behaviour specialist shared revelations into the real reason Amber Heard appears to direct all revelations to the jury during her testimony.

The behaviour specialist Susan Constantine-Perfido made the revelations to Fox News.

She was quoted saying, “Her attorneys most likely coached her to look at the jury when answering the question.”

“This can be good, and it also can backfire. Too much eye contact can make jurors feel uncomfortable and make them feel their objectivity and neutrality could be questioned.”

“On the other hand, connecting eyes with jurors even for a quick glance builds rapport.”

“Amber darts her eyes towards jurors and lands eyes on those that most likely make eye contact with her. It is unclear if she is connecting eyes with a few or all the jurors.”

“As a trial consultant, I do not advise my clients to gaze over to jurors on every answer. It does appear robotic and coached.”

Even U.S. Attorney Neama Rahmani addressed Ms Heard’s behavioural cues and admitted, “Experienced witnesses are trained to look at the jury when they answer questions. That’s why you see expert witnesses like Dr Curry and Dr Hughes doing this.”

“The jury is your audience, not the lawyers asking the questions or others inside or outside the courtroom.”

“The only opinions that matter are those of the seven jurors and four alternates,” she added.

“In a case that’s all about likability and credibility, Heard wants the jurors to believe she is telling the truth and she was victimized by Depp. Eye contact is consistent with the truth, and avoiding eye contact a sign of deception."