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Prince Harry warned over Meghan Markle’s ‘patronizing’ tone: report

Experts fear Prince Harry and Meghan Markle will come off as ‘patronizing’ within their podcast

By Web Desk
December 16, 2020
Prince Harry warned over Meghan Markle’s ‘patronizing’ tone: report

A royal biographer worries Prince Harry’s ‘regal’ voice may come off as ‘patronizing’ too many fans across the globe.

This claim was brought forward by royal author and biographer Angela Levin during one of her conversations with talkRADIO listeners.

She was quoted saying, "I've noticed that both she and Harry have a new intonation when they speak. They say a sentence, long pause, another sentence, long pause. Then they give three reasons why something is good. I find it all to be so formulaic."

Ms. Levin even touched upon Meghan Markle’s tone of voice during her segment and admitted, "I have to say I find her presentation of herself rather irritating. She does try to be very regal despite the fact that she wanted to get out of the Royal Family. She's very regal, she talks down to us, she's slightly patronising."

"She always uses the 'we' term, the royal we term. That means that everybody must agree with her because she knows what everybody's thinking. She's entitled to say what she likes, of course, but it's her way of saying it."