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'Baywatch' makes comeback after 25 years as documentary

'Baywatch' former stars react to the news

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July 11, 2024
Baywatch makes comeback after 25 years as documentary
'Baywatch' makes comeback after 25 years as documentary 

The iconic television series Baywatch, which ended its run 25 years ago, continues to hold a significant place in popular culture, surpassing many other discontinued shows.

Despite attempts at revivals, including a short-lived spin-off and a movie adaptation that was met with negative reviews, the original series remains unmatched in its influence.

Its enduring appeal lies in its idyllic portrayal of Southern California, featuring a cast of physically fit actors. Now, a documentary is in the works to explore the show's lasting impact.

After Baywatch: Moment in the Sun, which stars a plethora of former cast members, including franchise mainstay Pamela Anderson, will debut on Hulu on August 28.

Many of them, but not Anderson, made an appearance in Pasadena on Wednesday afternoon to promote the film to television journalists. These people included Traci Bingham, Erika Eleniak, and Traci Bingham.

Nicole Eggert, a cast member from seasons three and four of Baywatch and also known for her role in Charles in Charge, is the only cast member credited as a producer on the documentary project.

Initially, Eggert's efforts to develop the project were leaning towards a reality show featuring Baywatch alumni, but she wasn't enthusiastic about that direction. It was fellow producer and director Matthew Felker who convinced her to shift the focus to a documentary instead. 

Eggert recalled, "My first call was to David Hasselhoff. Once he was going to do it, I just said, 'Let's roll with it. Let's go.'" With Hasselhoff on board, the project gained momentum.

The cast members reunited on stage and shared their unique experiences from their time on Baywatch, a show notorious for frequently adding and removing actors.

Billy Warlock, an original star, noted in a documentary clip, "Everybody was disposable."

However, actress Traci Bingham, the only Black actress on the show, fondly recalled her time on the series and her historic casting, saying, "It was considered an all-white show, and, at one point, I think producers realized that everyone goes to the beach."

She added, "I had excellent care with my hair and makeup. I was treated with great care. It was a dream job."