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Kelly Ripa shares interesting anecdote about Chris Rock

Kelly Ripa recalls Chris Rock discussed about naming his child’s name

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July 11, 2024
Kelly Ripa shares Chris Rocks conversation about childs name
Kelly Ripa shares Chris Rock's conversation about child's name

Kelly Ripa has recently reflected on a funny interaction between her and Chris Rock.

Speaking on the latest episode of Live With Kelly and Mark on July 10, Kelly discussed about friends whose children shared the same name.

Responding to a question about the couple’s second child, Kelly replied, “Can you imagine if one of our friends said, ‘You can’t name that kid Lola because I’m going to name the kid Lola?”

“No, but remember, there’s a very funny story,” recalled Kelly while bringing up an old story about Chris.

She mentioned, “Chris Rock called me when he was expecting his first daughter — I had just had Lola — and he said, ‘Listen, Malaak and I are thinking of naming the baby Lola and we just want to check with you to see if that’s okay.’”

Kelly stated, “And I was like, ‘First of all, I don’t own the name Lola, I didn’t trademark it. And second of all, we can all agree Lola Rock is an amazing name.’ Like, ‘Do you mind if I change Lola’s last name to Rock?’”

“That was very polite of him,” added Mark.

However, Kelly found Chris gesture “unnecessary”.

“It never occurred to me. I wouldn’t even… I’m not the only Kelly, you’re not the only Mark,” she remarked.

Besides Lola, the couple shares two more sons.