Thursday June 20, 2024

Kate Middleton's diagnosis, treatment details: Hospital staff still under investigation

Princess Kate was shocked to know about her potential private data breach during treatment

By Web Desk
June 03, 2024

Kate Middleton, who's showing great progress after undergoing preventative chemotherapy, was shocked to know about her potential private data breach during her treatment at a hospital in London.

Some employees at the hospital, where Prince William's wife Kate stayed for 13 days in January after her abdominal surgery, are still facing disciplinary action following a potential breach of data.

Staff, who allegedly tried to read the future Queen's private hospital records, have still not been referred to the police as probe still continues.

It is being claimed that some shocking truth can be revealed by the staff, who alleged tried to get details about Kate's diagnosis and treatment, during the investigation.

The hospital, which also treated King Charles for his cancer treatment, said in March that any of its staff who had attempted to access patient information would face "disciplinary steps".

Princess Kate was told about the attempt as patients are always informed if there are any suspicions that their private medical records have been shared or accessed in an unauthorised manner.

However, the case still remains under investigation and police have yet to look into the employees, according to the Mail on Sunday. This delay comes in spite of Health Minister Maria Caulfield announcing in March that officers had been asked to launch a probe.

Several sources have told the outlet that if a breach did occur, staff members could have been caught via a "decoy" tactic used by hospitals that treat VIP guests. Data for the A-listers is often stored under a fake name, with "decoy" data stored under the real name.

Sam Smith, of health data privacy group MedConfidential, said that data breaches are "unfortunately common" but the investigation process can take a very long time.

It is, according to reports, a criminal offence for staff in a healthcare setting to access a patient's private medical records without the consent of the organisation’s data controller.