Friday June 21, 2024

Prince William on edge as Prince Harry's 'Spare 2' bombshell looms

Prince Harry could be planning to expose more secrets about royal family

By Web Desk
May 30, 2024

Prince William has been warned against Prince Harry’s plans to write a sequel to his infamous memoir, Spare.

In a conversation with GB News, royal commentator Maureen Callahan suggested the Duke of Sussex going through with this is certainly not on the cards for the Prince of Wales.

"William is apparently terrified of a spare two of a second instalment of a memoir filled with more grievances,” she claimed.

Hence, she advised the prince and King Charles to avoid “poking the bear” by stripping and Harry and Meghan Markle of their titles.

Callahan explained to the outlet: "They likely never will because they don't want to give them something else to gripe about. Another quiver in their arsenal, as it were.

"And you can see where they're in this very difficult position of trying to abide and rise above,” the royal commentator continued, “but also not sort of seem to co-sign these ridiculous cosplaying trips as royals or monetisations.”

The suspicion comes following suggestion of author Robert Hardman, who pointed out lack of details about the Sussexes’ wedding the book, adding: "Now, as an author, that says to me one thing and one thing only: part two might be on its way."