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Prince Harry's dramatic shift leaves fans, friends in shock

Prince Harry undergoes a major 'personality change' after meeting with Meghan Markle

By Web Desk
May 30, 2024

Prince Harry has allegedly parted ways with his relatives and old friends after undergoing a major "personality change" since falling in love with Meghan Markle.

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex stepped down as senior working royals in 2020 and relocated to the US to begin a new life with their children, not under the the shadow of the royal tree, as he allegedly always felt as spare in presence of heir to the throne Prince William.

However, a royal commentator believes that Harry has "dropped" his friends along with his family and the British public after moving to the US in dramatic personality shift.

Socialite and royal commentator Lizzie Cundy, on GB News, claimed: "I knew a lot of Harry's former friends and he has let them go.

"These are the friends that went on holiday with him to Vegas. He used to go and watch them play rugby. I remember a time being at a private club in Mayfair and Harry walked in with all the England rugby squad.

"He was one of the lads, he loved his friends and he's totally disconnecting with them. Since 2020, he's rarely been in touch with any of his old friends who actually were there to support Harry."

Lizzie went on explaining the reason: "Don't forget, Harry had quite a lot of bad press when he dressed up in a Nazi uniform and all these stories about his love life were plastered on the front of the papers. It was his mates that picked him up and looked after him. It's very sad that he seems to have forgotten about them now."

Nana Akua responded to the royal commentator as saying: "That's always sad, isn't it? When people get married and then ditch the people who have been there and been their support mechanism."

She added: "it seems odd that he's lost contact with all his friends since he moved in with the wonderful Meghan."

Cundy responded: "I don't want to blame Meghan for everything, but I will do because he has totally changed since he's been with her. 

The socialite went on: "He's not the same Harry. He doesn't look like the same Harry. He looks constantly sad and a different kind of person.

"He's so busy taking everyone to court. He's like the prince of the Old Bailey. And his friends say he's just lost that spark. That fun that we used to always love about Harry, don't forget, he was our most popular royal. We all adored Harry. He has totally had a total personality change since meeting Meghan."

Cundy added that it feels like the prince "has dropped us" along with his friends because he "doesn't want to be our working royal."