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Sneak peek on Matt Smith's role in Nick Cave's adaptation

Nick Cave's 'The Death Of Bunny Munro' begins filming

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May 29, 2024
Matt Smith Leads Emotional Journey in The Death of Bunny Munro series
Matt Smith Leads Emotional Journey in 'The Death of Bunny Munro' series

Matt Smith, known for his iconic role as Doctor Who, finds himself immersed in a new world as he tackles his latest project in London. 

The actor delves deep into character as he portrays a sex-addicted door-to-door salesman in the upcoming Sky TV series, The Death Of Bunny Munro, based on Nick Cave's acclaimed 2009 novel. 

Smith was spotted on set, fully embracing his role, as he filmed intense scenes that saw him tumbling through a wooden fence before collapsing on the pavement. 

Announced as the leading man in November, Smith leads the cast under the executive production of Cave himself, alongside BAFTA-winning writer Pete Jackson and director Isabella Eklöf, promising an enthralling six-part series.

In the upcoming series battling their grief in contrasting ways, Bunny Sr. pursues fleeting connections with women while Bunny Jr. seeks solace in conversations with his late mother's ghost, grappling with the harsh reality of his father's unraveling life. 

Bunny Sr. realizes he must confront his own outdated beliefs about masculinity to save his son from a similar fate.