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Cardi B enjoys pancake stack to silence body-shamers post-vegas show

Cardi B defends her curves and surgery choices in pancake video

By Web Desk
May 29, 2024
Cardi B claps back at critica with pancake feast.
Cardi B claps back at critica with pancake feast.

Cardi B has fired back at her critics who have been 'body-shaming' her by indulging in a massive stack of pancakes in a new video. 

The rapper appeared unfazed by the negative comments as she enjoyed the sweet treat in her hotel room following a trolled Las Vegas performance.

Addressing the camera, she sarcastically lamented, "I'm getting body-shamed, everybody is saying I look fat, I'm so sad. 

Everybody hates me. What am I going to do?" she recorded the video on Instagram Live, pretending to weep over the comments while savoring the delicious stack of pancakes and covered them with whipped cream and syrup.

The criticism erupted following her sizzling performance at Drai's Nightclub in Las Vegas on May 25, where she flaunted her curves in a leopard-print bodysuit. 

In response, Cardi took to Instagram Live, addressing her critics. 

Despite her playful retaliation, some critics clarified they weren't calling her 'fat' but were commenting on her body enhancements. 

Remarks like, "No one said she is fat, I guess BBLs require maintenance after so many miles like a car," and, "She needs to stop with the BBLs; she looked perfectly fine before," flooded social media.