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‘Dexter’ makes a bloody return on Netflix in the summer

‘Dexter’, the crime drama, had eight seasons in total

By Web Desk
May 21, 2024
‘Dexter’ makes bloody return on Netflix this June
‘Dexter’ makes bloody return on Netflix this June

Dexter, the beloved crime drama, made its return on Netflix.

The streaming giant has announced that the entire eight seasons of the show will be returning to the platform on June 19.

This marks a long-awaited reunion for fans of the show, which has been absent from Netflix for a while.

Created by James Manos Jr., Dexter tells the gripping story of a forensic expert with a dark secret: Michael C. Hall's titular character is a vigilante who uses his expertise to cover up his crimes.

The show's supporting cast, including Jennifer Carpenter, Erik King, and Lauren Vélez, added depth and complexity to the narrative.

The original series spanned eight seasons, and its finale left audiences wondering if they'd seen the last of Dexter Morgan.

However, the story continued with Dexter: New Blood, which premiered on Showtime eight years later.

This sequel followed Dexter after he faked his own death and started a new life, but his dark past threatened to catch up with him.

A second season of Dexter: New Blood, focused on Dexter's son, is currently in development. While a release date hasn't been announced, fans can rejoice knowing that the entire original series will soon be available on Netflix.